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Home Insurance

Home insurance is generally required anytime you have a mortgage on your home in Braselton, GA or around the state. Most property insurance policies generally cover such items as:

  • Dwelling: This will pay to repair or replace your home if damaged or a total loss. It includes, structure, roof, electrical, plumbing heating and cooling systems, etc.
  • Outbuilding and Other Structures: Sheds, garages, fences, and other structures not attached to the home are generally covered.
  • Personal Property: This will generally pay for damaged furniture, clothing, electronics, and personal items.
  • Loss of Use Expenses: While your home is under repair, homeowners may pay for temporary displacement.
  • Liability: Should you fall victim to a lawsuit, homeowners insurance generally covers your legal defense./li>
  • Miscellaneous: There are numerous other unique items that you may choose to select coverage for under your policy. Feel free to ask about them.

While homeowners insurance provides a tremendous amount of peace of mind for you and your family, there are things that may prompt you to select additional coverage.

Some natural disasters are covered by homeowners insurance, but there are exceptions such as flood insurance. The State of Georgia enjoys numerous rivers that run to the sea and drainage basins that can overflow in heavy rains. People living in these low-lying areas are susceptible to flooding – and flood coverage is not standard.

For Harmony Insurance, Georgia is a place that has unique dangers that need to be thoroughly vetted before finalizing a homeowner's insurance policy. If you need homeowners insurance or think that you may be underinsured, give us a call at Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA, today. One of our insurance agents can discuss your insurance needs and design a policy to meet them.


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