Overview of Commercial Insurance Types

When you open a business in Braselton, GA, your financial advisor will tell you that you need commercial insurance. They probably won’t tell you how many commercial insurance types exist, such as commercial auto, glass insurance, business owner’s policies, boiler insurance, etc. You do not need every type, but you need to know the difference between the policy types.

Your financial advisor has it right. You do need commercial insurance to help ensure business continuity, and Harmony Insurance can help. The insurance protects your company against loss. The most common types of policy for each type of business differ. A dry cleaner would need inland marine insurance to protect their client’s property during transit and at the place of business. A solopreneur operating a home business needs a liability policy, especially if they hold meetings at their home. They do not need a business owner’s policy (BOP) since it covers the business’ property. Consider the following types of insurance for your business.

  • Builder’s Risk Insurance/Construction Insurance: provides coverage while a commercial structure is built or remodeled.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: every business needs this type of policy that pays for lost income when a named peril interrupts business and reimburses you for repair or replacement of real property incurring damage from the peril.
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP): If you own a business with a structure or storefront, you should purchase a BOP that provides your liability and property policies in one policy at a lower premium than purchasing them separately.
  • Commercial Auto: your commercial vehicle gets a full coverage policy covering every licensed driver driving your fleet vehicles.
  • Crime Insurance: storefront businesses need this policy type that reimburses your business’ losses from property crimes.
  • Debris Removal Insurance: every business with its own property needs this policy that reimburses you for debris removal after a named peril such as a fire or tornado.
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: corporations need this policy type that pays for the legal costs and settlements of lawsuits involving the board of directors and C-level officers.
  • Boiler and Machinery Insurance/Equipment Breakdown Insurance: reimburses you for the repair of business equipment such as machinery, boilers, and other types of equipment, as well as the losses incurred during the business interruption.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance (E & O): lawyers, doctors, nurses, manufacturing firms, and publications need this policy type to protect themselves from malpractice lawsuits.
  • Glass insurance: storefront owners and dance studios purchase this policy that reimburses them for replacing broken windows and plate glass caused by perils or vandalism.
  • Liability Insurance: pays for injuries a third party incurs due to your negligence.
  • Professional Liability: another type of malpractice insurance pays the court settlement when a business injures a third party due to a professional who did not provide the proper standard of care.
  • Ordinance or Law insurance: reimburses the cost of demolishing and rebuilding a structure to building code standards when it incurs damage due to a named peril 
  • Property insurance: This covers real or personal property damage from a named peril.
  • Tenant’s insurance: This reimburses you for repairs to a building when the lease owner’s employees damage the property owner’s building improvements.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance, also called workers’ comp, reimburses an employee’s lost wages and medical care costs incurred by workplace illness or injury.

Contact Harmony Insurance of Braselton, GA to learn more about commercial insurance and which policies would be right for you.

Does everyone need to get home insurance?

When you are in the Braselton, GA area, it is natural to spend a lot of time looking for a new place to live. Those that do move to this area of the state should think about buying their own home. When you are a property owner, there is a range of benefits that go along with it. As you are looking for your next home, you also need to consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons that someone here would need to get home insurance. 

Coverage is a Loan Requirement

One of the reasons you will need to get home insurance is that it can be a loan requirement. Those who choose to take out a mortgage when they buy their home will have a variety of loan obligations that need to be met. One requirement they will have will be to carry a full insurance policy. In a lot of cases, you may also need to escrow for your payments each month.

Insurance Needed to Protect Investment

You will also need to get home insurance as it is the best way to protect your investment. If you choose to purchase a new home in this area, you will be making a large investment. You will want to ensure that your investment is properly covered and protected at all times. With a home insurance policy, you can continue to have proper coverage and protection.

As you are looking for home insurance in the Braselton, GA area, you should call the team at Harmony Insurance. The insurance team at Harmony Insurance can give you excellent guidance and support. Our team can assess the client’s individual situations to make sure that they are picking the right policy for their life. 

Why You Need Long Term Care Insurance

There are many different insurance options for you to consider, and one that you might not have thought a lot about is long term care insurance. A policy like this can help protect you if you become disabled and need care or end up in a nursing home or assisted living facility. It’s an excellent way to protect yourself and ensure that you’re protecting your family, as well. If you’re in the Braselton, GA area, and looking for a policy like this, Harmony Insurance can help you find what you need to have coverage and peace of mind.

We know it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about issues that can arise as you age, but it’s a part of life for everyone. It can allow you to have an open conversation about the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones properly. Having insurance for long term care is among those ways because this care may not otherwise be available for you. Due to how these facilities are set up and the options people have for care on a long term basis, having good insurance is often needed to protect them and their assets.

If you’re in or around the Braselton, GA area and you’re looking into the idea of long term care insurance, Harmony Insurance can help. If you already have an insurance plan, we’ll also be happy to review it with you and see if there are changes or additions you’ll want to make. It’s always a good idea to periodically review your insurance to ensure you’re getting the quality and value you deserve and the protection you want. We’re here to help with all of that and to make sure you get your questions answered, as well.

Do I need life insurance after I retire

Life insurance protects your loved ones if you are no longer with them. It lets them know how much you love them. When you get to the point in your life when retirement is on the horizon, you may be taking a close look at your finances and how things are going to change. Life insurance may seem like an expense that is no longer as important as when you were young. If you live in the area near Braselton, GA, Harmony Insurance has a team of experienced agents who can help provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. 

Chances are when you leave your employment, you will lose the life insurance your employer-provided. You may be allowed to continue to keep the provided coverage at your own cost. How much life insurance you need to have after you retire is a question only you can answer. In order to know if you need life insurance after you retire, you need to take a good look at your financial situation and which still counts on you to provide support. 

It would be best if you asked yourself these questions:

  • Do I still have debt? 
  • Does someone depend on my income to survive? 
  • Have I taken care of my final expenses?
  • Do I want to leave a legacy?
  • Do I have enough savings to protect my loved ones? 

Now take a look at what you have for life insurance. If your children are all grown and gone, you may not need the amount of life insurance you needed when they were young and at home. Finances are essential, and you need to feel financially secure. Life insurance can be a benefit throughout your entire life. To discuss this issue in-depth, give us a call at Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA to make an appointment. 

Three reasons you shouldn’t wait to purchase umbrella insurance

If you don’t have umbrella insurance coverage, you could be leaving yourself susceptible to significant financial losses. We can protect your finances with an umbrella insurance policy at Harmony Insurance. 

Don’t procrastinate about purchasing umbrella coverage. It’s a good idea to find the right policy today so that you can enjoy numerous advantages. 

The following are three reasons why you should wait to purchase an umbrella insurance policy in Braselton, GA. 

A lawsuit could completely wipe out your net worth without coverage. 

Any consumer needs umbrella insurance coverage if they have a significant amount of wealth to protect. Being wealthy can make you a target for lawsuits, so it’s vital to protect your net worth with umbrella insurance. 

The premium costs for umbrella coverage are usually relatively low.

One of the reasons why it’s such a good idea to purchase umbrella insurance now is because it’s not very expensive. For the amount of protection you can get with umbrella coverage, premium amounts are generally quite low. 

You don’t want to be stressed out with concerns about your finances.

Probably the most significant advantage of umbrella coverage that everyone can enjoy is peace of mind. It’s very unpleasant having to worry about your finances. Every event that comes up that could put you at risk of a lawsuit will cause you far more stress if you don’t have umbrella coverage than if you do.

You can invest in umbrella coverage to rest assured that your wealth is protected regardless of what happens down the road. 

Let us help you to find the right umbrella insurance in Braselton, GA. Contact us at Harmony Insurance to get started today. 

Do you need full coverage insurance on your vehicle?

If you are a driver in Georgia, you probably already know that the law in your state requires you to at least have a liability insurance policy for you to be able to drive legally. In many cases, though, you will want to have more coverage.

A liability policy is obtained to cover the other driver if you are involved in a crash that is deemed to be your fault. It will pay a certain amount for their injuries, their passengers’ injuries, and damages to their vehicles.

If you have a loan on your vehicle, more than likely, your creditor will require you to have full coverage insurance. To adequately insure your car, truck, or SUV, you will need to have a few different types of insurance coverage.

Collision insurance

Collision insurance covers the damages to you or your passengers, along with your vehicle, if the accident is your fault. The size of your deductible will depend on how much you want to pay out of pocket if an accident does occur. It covers the damage to you, your passengers, and your vehicle if the accident is your fault. Collision insurance will also include any damages to your vehicle if you hit an object, such as a tree or telephone pole.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers other damages to your vehicle that may happen when you’re not even driving it. This would include things like vandalism or damage from a hailstorm, tornado, hurricane, or fire. This part of your policy will also replace your vehicle if it is stolen. 

To create the best policy for you and your vehicle, you will want to enlist the help of an experienced and skilled insurance agent. Contact the agents you can trust at Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA.

Why commercial insurance is a good idea for my small business

Braselton, GA is a great place to have a business. But even in this charming small town, things can go wrong and place your small business at risk. Commercial insurance can’t stop bad things from happening, but when they do happen, commercial insurance can help your business get through them. At Harmony Insurance, our team has the experience to help you to create an excellent commercial insurance policy that can protect you where you need it without adding coverages you don’t.

Commercial property insurance

The location of your business needs to be protected. If you own the building, then the insurance falls on you. If it is a rental, then likely the landlord has insurance on the building. Still, the contents which include your machinery, office equipment, inventory, and the things you need to do business are your responsibility. 

Commercial liability insurance

Things can happen that may get your small business involved in legal litigation. Someone may get injured while visiting your location or while using one of your products. A former employee can also sue you for wrongful termination. These are the sort of things that your commercial liability insurance can help you to cope with. Not only the legal cost but the cost of any judgment against you up to the limits of your policy.

Worker Compensation Insurance

In Georgia, if you have three or more employees, you are required to provide worker compensation coverage. The employees do not need to be full time, and very few businesses are exempt from this requirement. 

When you are ready to discuss your commercial insurance in or near Braselton, GA the experienced team at Harmony Insurance is prepared and able to help you to design a policy that will fit your business perfectly. Give our office a call or stop by and let us give you a no-obligation quote.

Why it is important to have a home inventory

Home insurance is something that no homeowner should be without. Life is just too uncertain. Braselton, GA is a beautiful place to live and own a home. Where else can you live in a town that is located in four different counties and has a world-class winery? At Harmony Insurance, we look forward to helping you to make sure that your home is protected at a price you can afford. We can also give you the information that you need to make an inventory of your home. 

If your home is damaged or destroyed, having access to your home inventory can make the difference between getting all of your possession replaced and only getting some of them replaced. While you may not want to replace every single item that is currently in your home, that is a decision that you want to make. You don’t want your insurance company to make it for you. You need to have proof of the things you own, especially those that are valuable. 

The more detailed your home inventory, the better. Do a complete inventory of every room in your home and also any outbuildings, such as a shed or garage. Don’t forget your attic or basement either. Adding photos of the rooms is also a good idea. For electronics and appliances, add the brand and model number. If you have sales slips or manufacturer information, include that. Appraisals are vital for any expensive items such as jewelry or collectibles. Once you have completed the inventory, it should be stored offsite if at all possible but, at the very least, in a fireproof, water-resistant case. 

Your home inventory is an important addition to your home insurance. If you are looking for home insurance or are considering replacing the one you have in Braselton, GA, Harmony Insurance is waiting to hear from you. Give our office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote.