Do you need full coverage insurance on your vehicle?

If you are a driver in Georgia, you probably already know that the law in your state requires you to at least have a liability insurance policy for you to be able to drive legally. In many cases, though, you will want to have more coverage.

A liability policy is obtained to cover the other driver if you are involved in a crash that is deemed to be your fault. It will pay a certain amount for their injuries, their passengers’ injuries, and damages to their vehicles.

If you have a loan on your vehicle, more than likely, your creditor will require you to have full coverage insurance. To adequately insure your car, truck, or SUV, you will need to have a few different types of insurance coverage.

Collision insurance

Collision insurance covers the damages to you or your passengers, along with your vehicle, if the accident is your fault. The size of your deductible will depend on how much you want to pay out of pocket if an accident does occur. It covers the damage to you, your passengers, and your vehicle if the accident is your fault. Collision insurance will also include any damages to your vehicle if you hit an object, such as a tree or telephone pole.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers other damages to your vehicle that may happen when you’re not even driving it. This would include things like vandalism or damage from a hailstorm, tornado, hurricane, or fire. This part of your policy will also replace your vehicle if it is stolen. 

To create the best policy for you and your vehicle, you will want to enlist the help of an experienced and skilled insurance agent. Contact the agents you can trust at Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA.