Who should buy long term care insurance?

As the population in the United States continues to age and as the baby boomers retire, more and more people are starting to think about how they will manage the cost of long-term care in the event it becomes necessary. It is estimated that about 33% of people over 65 will need long-term care at some point in their life, and if you are a woman, that figure is much higher. At Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA, we are here to help you address your concerns and make sure that you have choices when it comes to choosing long-term care insurance.

The reality is you can’t predict 20 years in advance if you will need long-term care when you are 80. Like many types of insurance, long-term care insurance is less expensive when you are young and healthy. However, the chances of you needing it before age 60 are pretty slim. Long-term care costs have skyrocketed, and yearly costs for a nursing home are hovering around $100,000 a year. There are not many people who have the finances to survive many years of long-term care. 

The reason many people don’t invest in long-term care insurance is the cost of the coverage. Opting to wait until you need long-term care is a mistake, and waiting until you are ill may disqualify you from being able to purchase the insurance. It is a Catch 22, and it explains why just 8% of those over 65 have opted to have this type of insurance. This is an important decision and one you should not make alone. Bring the family with you to talk to your trusted independent insurance agent to see the options available. 

If you have questions about long-term care insurance Harmony Insurance in Braselton, GA is here to help you get exactly what you need.

Why You Need Long Term Care Insurance

There are many different insurance options for you to consider, and one that you might not have thought a lot about is long term care insurance. A policy like this can help protect you if you become disabled and need care or end up in a nursing home or assisted living facility. It’s an excellent way to protect yourself and ensure that you’re protecting your family, as well. If you’re in the Braselton, GA area, and looking for a policy like this, Harmony Insurance can help you find what you need to have coverage and peace of mind.

We know it can be difficult and uncomfortable to talk about issues that can arise as you age, but it’s a part of life for everyone. It can allow you to have an open conversation about the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones properly. Having insurance for long term care is among those ways because this care may not otherwise be available for you. Due to how these facilities are set up and the options people have for care on a long term basis, having good insurance is often needed to protect them and their assets.

If you’re in or around the Braselton, GA area and you’re looking into the idea of long term care insurance, Harmony Insurance can help. If you already have an insurance plan, we’ll also be happy to review it with you and see if there are changes or additions you’ll want to make. It’s always a good idea to periodically review your insurance to ensure you’re getting the quality and value you deserve and the protection you want. We’re here to help with all of that and to make sure you get your questions answered, as well.