Why it is important to have a home inventory

Home insurance is something that no homeowner should be without. Life is just too uncertain. Braselton, GA is a beautiful place to live and own a home. Where else can you live in a town that is located in four different counties and has a world-class winery? At Harmony Insurance, we look forward to helping you to make sure that your home is protected at a price you can afford. We can also give you the information that you need to make an inventory of your home. 

If your home is damaged or destroyed, having access to your home inventory can make the difference between getting all of your possession replaced and only getting some of them replaced. While you may not want to replace every single item that is currently in your home, that is a decision that you want to make. You don’t want your insurance company to make it for you. You need to have proof of the things you own, especially those that are valuable. 

The more detailed your home inventory, the better. Do a complete inventory of every room in your home and also any outbuildings, such as a shed or garage. Don’t forget your attic or basement either. Adding photos of the rooms is also a good idea. For electronics and appliances, add the brand and model number. If you have sales slips or manufacturer information, include that. Appraisals are vital for any expensive items such as jewelry or collectibles. Once you have completed the inventory, it should be stored offsite if at all possible but, at the very least, in a fireproof, water-resistant case. 

Your home inventory is an important addition to your home insurance. If you are looking for home insurance or are considering replacing the one you have in Braselton, GA, Harmony Insurance is waiting to hear from you. Give our office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote.